1.When can I have breakfast? 我什么时候可以吃早餐?
2.When is the check-out time? 退房时间是什么时候?
3.When do I need to board? 我什么时候需要登机?
4.Could you lend me a pen to fill out this immigration form?
5.How long will my transfer take? 我的转机要多长时间?
6.What's the best way to get there? 去那儿最好的方法是什么?
7.Do you have a credit card? 你有信用卡吗?
8.Where can I take a taxi? 我在哪里可以打车?
9.Get off at Fifth Avenue. 在第五大道下车。
10.Can you tell me how to get to the railway station?
11.I want to cash some traveler's checks here.
12.Please cash this check. 请兑现这张支票。
13.Can I pay in cash? 我可以付现金吗?
14.Here is my visa card. 这是我的签证卡。
15.Can you give me a discount? 你能给我打折吗?
16.What can I do for you? 我能为你做些什么?
17.What kind of visa do you have? 你有什么签证?
18.I have a tourist visa. 我有旅游签证。
19.Have you filled in the baggage declaration?
20.No, I have nothing to say. 不,我没什么可说的。
21.How long will you stay here? 你要在这里呆多久?
22.Excuse me, please check it. 对不起,请检查一下。
23.Please take away! 请带走!
24.I want a single room. 我想要一间单人房。
25.I have a reservation. 我预订了房间。
26.May I see the room? 我可以看看房间吗?
27.Do you have anything bigger? 有更大的吗?
28.Can you tell me my room? 你能告诉我的房间吗?
29.I want a quiet room. 我想要一个安静的房间。
30.I'd like a room with a pleasant view. 我想要一个视野好的房间。
31.How much is a double room for one night? 双人间一晚多少钱?
32.Is hot water available at any time? 有热水供应吗?
33.Air conditioning does not work. 空调不工作。