I am extremely interested in this job as Human Resources Manager. As you mentioned in the job listing, I would be responsible for recruiting, orientation, and training. I was responsible for all three of these functions in my most recent position. As Human Resources Assistant Manager at XYZ Company, I recruited over 100 employees and led training for all new staff members in a department of 45 people. I am interested in this job because it would allow me to use my previous experience while continuing to develop my expertise in new areas of responsibility.



  You’ll need to think about your income requirements at the beginning of your job search. That means you should prepare for every interview, even if the interview is over the phone. If you’re caught off guard, without something in mind, you could lowball yourself or seem confused, which doesn’t make a good impression.



  I have extremely strong writing skills. Having worked as a copy editor for five years, I have strong attention to detail when it comes to my writing. I have also written for a variety of publications, so I know how to shape my writing style to fit the task and audience. As a marketing assistant, I will be able to effectively write and edit press releases and update web content with accuracy and ease.